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Estate Administration

What to do when someone has passed away

Wills & Powers of Attorney

The importance of estate planning

Notary Services

As a Notary Public I can assist you with your notary needs. From specific documents to oaths and statutory declarations.


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Welcome to the law firm of Christina M. Blaus.  My practice focuses on Estate Administration, Wills and Powers of Attorney.  I am an experienced lawyer who is dedicated to the practice of law.  The law is my passion.  I take great pride in providing quality services, as evidenced by my dedicated and broad client base.  I am detail oriented and forward thinking by nature and can foresee, address and provide practical and seamless solutions to existing and future problems.
My clients expect large firm service at affordable prices.  I deliver on those expectations with a competitive pricing structure.
My clients expect competent and timely legal advice.  I deliver on those expectations.
As an advocate for the elderly and for those who, for health reasons, are physically unable to attend my office in person, I am happy to make a house call.


Christina M. Blaus

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