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Estate Administration

You have experienced the loss of a loved-one.  Everything is spinning and your emotions are frazzled.  There are things that need to be done but you don’t know where to start.

First – Take a deep breath
Next – Tend to the funeral and spend time with your family
Next – when you’re ready –contact me.

When things settle down and you’re ready to move forward, contact me and together we can work through the estate.  Often times you may not even need my help, but if you do, I can guide you through from beginning to end. Let my experience be your guide.


What I Offer

I have over a decade of experience in the administration of estates.  I have been both a Solicitor as well as Executor for numerous estates and understand the anxieties of family members and beneficiaries who have lost a loved one.  My goal is to take away your anxieties and get you on the path of healing from your loss. 

- Application for Certificate of Appointment (sometimes referred to as Letters Probate)
- Preparation and submission of Estate Information Return(s)
- Review/interpretation of the Will
- What to do if there is no Will
- Sale/transfer of real estate, investments, bank accounts and all personal property
- Distribution of estate property/assets
- Liquidation of estate assets (including bank accounts, stocks, bonds, vehicles, firearms, boats, house contents)
- Preparation of estate values, release documents, interim and final distribution documents

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