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Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is the document that is only valid while you are alive but are, in some way, incapacitated and cannot look after yourself or your property.  Among many other things, it tells the world who will be looking after you and your property and how you want to be cared for while you are alive. 

There are 2 Powers of Attorney – one for Property and one for Personal Care.  In each document you select a person or persons who will step into your shoes when you are incapacitated and do everything you would do if you were capable, with the exception of making a Will.

Under the Power of Attorney for Personal Care, you control how you wish to be cared for if

you cannot care for yourself.  Among other things, you may also give instructions dealing with life support if you are terminally ill, whether you agree to blood transfusions, experimental drug treatments or any other specific instructions pertaining to your care.

Living Wills
Many people inquire about a “living will”.  This document is the predecessor to the Power of Attorney for Personal Care.  The “living will” was nothing more than a “wish list” or an instruction document that had no legislative authority.  Without such authority there was no guarantee that it would be followed.

In order to remedy this situation, the government enacted the Substitute Decisions Act, which gave us the Powers of Attorney for.  This legislation provided the authority needed to ensure that a person could specify how they wanted to be cared for when they became incapacitated.  

If you have an older document please contact my office for a complimentary review of your document.

What I Offer
I have over a decade of experience, I have prepared thousands of Powers of Attorney and I have acted as an Attorney for Property on numerous occasions and therefore bring a vast knowledge and personal experience to the following:

 Preparing Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care
 Providing advice on the duties and responsibilities under a Power of Attorney document


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